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The Most Beautiful Beaches in and around Los Angeles

Los Angeles is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Many of them are known from movies, programs or commercials.


Whether you want to relax, swim or surf, Los Angeles and its surroundings offer the right beach for every occasion. Some of the beaches we'll present in this article may be familiar to you from films and television. But there will also be some who turn out to be absolute insiders' tips. The most famous beach in Los Angeles, maybe even the entire state of California, will certainly be Santa Monica Beach. However, tastes are different, so many of the existing beaches in the Greater Los Angeles area beaches also very beautiful. After all, the coast of Los Angeles County extends from Malibu in the north to Long Beach in the south. That's 72 miles of shoreline. But not only are the miles of sandy beaches the highlight, but also the many leisure and sports activities that come along with it.

Santa Monica Beach

The Santa Monica Beach is about 2 miles long and very wide. It's a white sandy beach that can offer some recreational opportunities. Whether it be jogging, leisure, sports activities or recreation: Everything is possible here. Even if you want to shop, shop or eat or drink something, there's a good opportunity since Downtown Santa Monica is just minutes away.

Since Santa Monica Beach is most likely the most renowned beach in all of Los Angeles County, it can get extremely crowded especially on the weekend. And that despite being about 19 miles from central Los Angeles. In the afternoon it is almost impossible to get a good parking space.

Although the water temperature is almost never more than 68 degrees Fahrenheit, for those who do not mind that, there's a lot of fun to be had here. You can also visit the Santa Monica Pier where there's lots of fun activities for adults and kids alike. The long foot and bike paths provide family fun. For hours of fun, the nearby amusement park is also well known. There are many rides, such as roller coasters or giant wheels. The beach is free, but parking costs up to $ 10 per hour. But that's worth it: Santa Monica has about 310 sunny days per year. Tip: You might like the colorful, red-blue sunset.

Hermosa Beach

Around 22 miles from the center of Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach is located in the same vicinity as Santa Monica. The beach is revered among the Americans for its hipster flair. Nobody knows exactly where this flair comes from. Maybe it's because in Hermosa Beach (about 20,000 inhabitants) many famous athletes, actors and singers happen to live there. Since the beach, like the city, is more popular with younger people, the evening life thrives here.

Many bars, cafes and restaurants are packed in the evenings - especially at the Pier Plaza. If you want to get a little house near by, you should be able to dig deep into your pocket. Already 10 million US dollars and more have been paid for a house near the beach. Entering the flat sandy beach is free. When parking, however, it looks different again, with prices are not nearly as high as on Santa Monica Beach. What makes for that certain something, are the many possibilities around the beach. Walks, beach volleyball matches, building sand castles or relaxing. If you do not like these options, then strolling the Pier Plaza is still worth the trip.

Venice Beach

Almost 19 miles west of Downtown Los Angeles lies Venice Beach. Life is raging here in the Venice district: restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, athletes, artists and more await you at the legendary The Venice Beach Boardwalk.

If you find the nearby Santa Monica Beach too quiet, you should be right on Venice Beach. When Abbot Kinney got the idea to build a Venetian Quarter in 1904, the name was clear: Venice Beach. Many palaces and canals grew out of the ground. Until, yes, until oil was discovered there.

So Venice Beach has lost little of its old charm. The channels created by Abbot Kinney are still ten minutes away from the beach. What really stands out is the architecture around the beach. But there are not only positive aspects to talk about. After all, Venice Beach is considered the capital of the homeless population of Los Angeles, which seems conclusive with rents of up to $ 8,000 per month. At night, many homeless people frolic on the promenade. But do not worry: crime has not increased as a result. And once you have arrived there, you never want to leave.

Cabrillo Beach

Cabrillo Beach is near San Pedro and about 28 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles. Located on a narrow peninsula at Point Fermin Park, Cabrillo Beach is a highlight for the whole family.

On one bank outside the breakwater, the surfers rule. On the other shore, swimmers get a nice view of the harbor. Between the two shores, children will love the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, which features interactive exhibits, tide pools, pet pools and many other attractions. In addition to a barbecue and a playground, guests have access to showers and sanitary facilities. While the visit to the beach is free, a maximum of $10 per hour is required for parking.

Manhatten Beach

About 25 miles southwest from the center of Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach awaits you. Anyone who has ever been here knows why property prices here are sometimes the highest on the entire US coast. If you want to get a view of the beach, you have to put down at least 5 million US dollars for a house.

Only since 1972, the former area of Manhattan bears the addition Beach in the name. Since then, Manhattan Beach has even made it to movie screenings. Not only in the movie Starsky & Hutch, but also the series CSI: Miami uses the beach regularly as a backdrop. The wide sandy beach, where toilets and showers are available, is free. Here, too, parking costs a bit. Those who do not want to use official parking spaces often find free parking in the side streets. Manhattan Beach is certainly one of the most stylish beaches in Southern California. In addition, a visit to the aquarium is recommended, which is located at the end of the pier. There are also numerous marine life and plants to see.

Malibu Surfrider Beach

About 28 miles west of Los Angeles is a surfing paradise. Located in the north of Santa Monica, Malibu, Surfrider Beach is one of the most popular beaches in California. Due to the famous movie studio being very close, you might be able to spot some celebrities here.

Between May and October, Malibu, only 21 miles long and 8 miles wide, is full of tourists. Several amateur and professional surfers call Malibu Surfrider Beach home. But to feel the great atmosphere of the area, you do not have to stand on a surfboard. Around the beach there are numerous bars, restaurants and cafes, which are a great addition especially in the evening.

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