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Obesity in the United States

Can't fit into that Molokai shirt? Well, what we eat is what we are. There are plenty of fast food places out there, but who is really responsible for this country being in the lead for obesity? Although fast food places tend to bribe people in to eating these tasty foods, it is on the society to determine what can be put inside their bodies. About 65% of Americans are obese or overweight compared to in the 1960’s, 45% of Americans were obese. There is a lot more easy access to junk food in this era, which makes it harder for Americans to stay away from it. People themselves are responsible for the national public health crisis because they are the ones who feed themselves and they can control what goes into their bodies, and as a nation we should come together to help inform everyone on how they are making fast food and what they use to make it.

Obesity rates in the United States

People who are to busy to take care of themselves are the ones who often fall into the obesity category. There are many hard working individuals that don’t have time to cook for themselves and often find themselves in a drive thru. In the article “What’s to Blame for the Surge in Super-Size Americans, by Tori Angelis, he states, “We have an environment that provides food everywhere-its inexpensive, good-tasting and served in larger portions and we have a physiology that says ‘Eat whenever food’s available.’” This quote explains how the environment is what’s taking over the humans ability to make decisions based on what’s good for them, but it is people to blame because they allow this. It takes five minutes to wait in a drive thru and get a meal versus cooking it at home. Fast food is cheap fast and tasty so people feel that it is the perfect way to feed themselves. Just by the food being cheap, it helps feed the whole family but also contributes to obesity. Just by eating from fast food restaurants people can feel the difference between healthy food and eating out and they are aware that what they are eating is unhealthy, but not to the point where they would stop. If people were informed on everything fast food industries put into their foods, they wouldn’t want to eat fast food anymore, regardless of its price.

Eating at restaurants and fast food places contribute the most to the society’s waistline. People don’t realize the large portions they are eating. Eating out of the house makes it harder for people to lose weight. When people choose to eat out, they are choosing to indulge in a satisfying, yet fattening meal. The food can be prepared in large amounts of fat, without them realizing it. It is also served in bigger portions, and being full gives people a satisfying feeling making them come back for more. People tend to eat the amount that is put in front of them, simply because there is enough food. Restaurants do advertise a lot, which can make people craving a specific meal, but do they realize that the meal their craving can cause them heart disease or lead to obesity?

People have control of what goes into their body and should know the limits of being full. In DeAngelis’ article, he states that “More people are eating out than ever, and restaurant food tends to be higher in fat and calories and served in bigger portions than meals made at home.” (DeAngelis 292). People don’t understand how big of a difference their meals are compared to making them at home. At home, it is easier to control to amount of fat that is included in meals and could help families fight obesity. Fast food restaurants are reeling people in and the society should be aware of what is contained in the foods that makes people want more. If people were informed on everything fast food industries put into their foods, they wouldn’t want to eat fast food anymore, regardless of its price and quantity.

Individuals usually think of working out as something that must be done, sort of like a chore. When people think of working out they think of it as something dreadful and tortures. Just by thinking about working out already makes people not want to. In the article called “Push play instead of push ups”, by Matt Bowers, he states, “Perhaps only in this state when physical fitness becomes a by-product of enjoyable physical activity instead of pain and suffering, will stop thinking about exercising and start playing”. This quote explains how Americans need to start playing instead of thinking about exercise as a chore and make it into something fun. This way it can help get the society involved and help make working out fun.

Medical Complications of Obesity

The solution to this would be to help inform the community and people on what they are eating and how it is damaging our bodies. If everyone was informed more in schools or just by seeing the product and knowing it is harmful, it will help fight against obesity. Obesity is what’s ruining Americans day by day and it all starts off from when they are young. This can lead to many heart diseases and kill many Americans all because we can’t afford to feed our society healthy foods. By getting people to realize that working out isn’t a chore but more of a fun activity, it can get people to get together and have fun working out. They can be doing things like forming a basketball team for fun and also can be competing. Another way to help lower obesity rates is to just simply cook at home. Every meal made at home is much healthier then any fast food restaurants, and can help nourish the body with the nutrition it needs. There are many ways that the society can turn away from obesity, and the first step would be to turn away from the fast food industry.

America is suffering the most when it comes to obesity. Starting from children at a young age who are developing type 2 diabetes. Fast food industries have been trying to wrap the society around their fingers and leave more then half of America with obesity. People who are allowing this are the ones that should be blamed because they are the ones who put those types of food in their bodies. This is what’s ruining our society and people should be strong enough to turn away from a Jack in the Box billboard.

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