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6 Must See Places in Hawaii

Hawaii is a destination for everyone. Stunning milk white beaches and blue waters, gently swaying palm trees and 80 degree weather all year round. The islands in the Pacific are primarily a destination for active vacationers, but also for families with children to offer some activities. The distance to Hawaii can be excruciating at times (depending where you live). Nevertheless, every year more than 8 million tourists make the long journey, since, after all, Hawaii has almost everything to offer, which can make a dream vacation: delicious food, fascinating nature, almost all types of climate, interesting history and beaches that look like they're from a travel brochure. Six places to visit on the first visit


1.) Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is always full, but seldom crowded, though some parts of the beach are reserved for surfers. Even laymen can try themselves. For children, life jackets are mandatory. But to have fun on the board, the kids should be at least ten years old.


2.) Pearl Harbor

Away from the beach, Pearl Harbor is a main attraction for visitors. On December 7, 1941, a Japanese attack in the midst of peace not only destroyed the battleships of the Pacific Fleet, but also dragged the country into World War II. Before you drive in small boats to the submerged wreck of the USS Arizona, there is a short documentary, which is not for younger children.


3.) Honolulu Aquarium

Built in 1904, one of Honolulu's most popular family day outings is the aquarium. Children run screaming with excitement through the corridors and the glass of the enormous fish tanks.


4.) Volcano National Park on the Big Island

To see only one island in Hawaii would be a waste. Big and small aircraft fly back and forth between the islands. The largest island that gave the chain its name is simply called the Big Island. It looks like everything is freshly plowed. But the black furrows are not field soil, but dried lava. The island chain owes its existence to volcanoes. Nowhere is it better than on the largest island, Hawaii. Accordingly, the Volcano National Park is one of the most important destinations for tourists. Around a century ago, the Volcanoes National Park was founded, but its attractions are millions of years old. Spraying lava is rarely seen, but huge craters, caves formed by lava flows and steaming fields are abound. Hawaii is still active, with lava rock on every corner. Children love walking through the caves formed by the lava.


5.) The Big Island

Volcano National Park leads us to the Big Island. This island offers almost all climate zones of this earth, even snow on the Mauna Kea, the highest mountain in the archipelago. The eastern region of the island is called Kona. This name is music in the ears of coffee drinkers. Kona coffee is considered one of the best - and most expensive - in the world. There are 800 plantations in the region - and one is the perfect destination for families with children.


6.) Maui

Maui is for many the dream island par excellence. And indeed, it offers the longest beaches in Hawaii. But also by far the most rain. Large parts are covered by rainforest. Baldwin Beach is a cliché beach: wide, white and never crowded. The surf is substantial, even larger children should never be out of the lifeguard zones. But they are not overpopulated. And that is the strange thing about Hawaii: Although every week dozens of cruise giants dock, and even though airplanes carry tens of thousands of tourists every day, there are white beaches with turquoise waters everywhere.

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