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4 Secret Places in Hawaii

Almost everyone has seen the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii, knows the history of Pearl Harbor, and has seen the surfers throughout the island. However, there are much more unknown secrets that Hawaii has to offer and they're all worth seeing! Here are four secret spots we've picked out:


1.) Plane wreck off Oahu's coast

The plane wreck off the Oahu coast lies about 115 feet beneath the ocean and can be visited by diving. The plane (namely a Corsair) that crashed there in 1946 is relatively well preserved and very interesting. Along the way, there are also plenty of fish and other marine wildlife to see.


2.) The Valley of the Kings of Hawaii

In the north of Hawaii's Big Island lies the Waipo Valley, which might as well be one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. The valley itself begins right on the ocean and cuts right through the island itself. Since the former Kings of Hawaii honored this valley and spent a lot of time there, the valley is also called Valley of the Kings. The valley floor is sometimes more than 2000 feet lower from its sides, from which several stunning waterfalls can be witnessed. In and around this area, and particularly on the coast, some of Hawaii's best surf spots can be found.


3. Hawaiian wallabies in the Kalihi Valley

At the beginning of the 20th century, two wallabies were said to have escaped of a private zoo. Meanwhile, their descendants in the Kalihi Valley of Oahu are still around and allegedly reappear time and time again.


4. The surfboard fence of Maui

To secure his surfboards during a hurricane that hit Maui in 1990, a Hawaiian simply tied them to his garden fence. After the storm, he not only left the boards there, but gradually added many more. With 647 surfboards, he now holds the world record for the largest surfboard collection in the world.


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